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Payroll Services

For more than a decade, TECHWISER GLOBAL has been providing payroll process outsourcing to allow our clients to leverage their ability to tap into certain talent pools for contingent workers. Our service allows companies to identify candidates for contract employment and transfer the administrative burden of employment to us.
TECHWISER GLOBAL Payroll Services specializes in providing mid-market to enterprise-level clients, including 50 of the Fortune 150, with payroll services to acquire, manage and retain special groups of contingent workers, including company alumni, interns, retirees and other candidates identified by our clients as potential part-time, full-time and non-traditional workers. Our services include:
• Prequalification
• Background Screening
• Drug Testing
• Onboarding
• Payroll, Tax and Benefit Administration
• Management & Reporting
Our payroll services delivery model drives time and cost out of the process (10-15% cost reduction in many cases), providing you with the administrative services you need – when, where and how you need them.
Save time, save money, improve your process – and get the talent you need!
For a more consultative, flexible approach to using payroll services, in the U.S. or across the globe, contact TECHWISER GLOBAL.