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At TechWiser Global, we simply believe that success is a derivative of “QUALITY”. To ensure the best quality for our customers, we develop and deploy an effective ground strategy that best meets client objectives. Our robust workforce solutions and consulting services guarantee constant improvement and long lasting success.


TechWiser Global strives to create a difference in business operations and use dedicated account management functions to achieve optimal run process efficiency. Our consulting services are based on best practices for operating processes that optimize

  • Time to hire
  • Quality of hire
  • Candidate evaluations
  • Contingent worker on-off boarding
  • Contingent worker management
  • Vendor performance management.


At TechWiser Global, we believe that a 100% compliance to SLA’s, Labor Laws and Statutory Policies is achieved at the vendor, contingent worker and organizational levels. For us, the road to success is formed by strict control of

  • Co-employment risk mitigation
  • Labor and supply contracts
  • Candidate employability validation
  • On-off boarding processes, and
  • Engagement practices
  • The above factors are ensured (locally and globally) through exhaustive assessments of relevant compliance, legislation, financial policies & customer considerations. This reduces the risks related to co-employment, tenure management, operational liability and back office processes.

Cost Savings

TechWiser Global consulting services boosts cost efficiency for its clients by

  • Assisting, deploying & enforcing global best practices
  • Business rules & initiatives such as sourcing decision support
  • Optimized pricing structures & margins
  • Demand management, vendor rationalization and tiering
  • Volume discounts, comprehensive rate card analysis and management